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How to Heal After A Divorce

How to Heal After A Divorce

How to Heal After A Divorce

4 Foolproof Tips for Getting Over Your Ex-Lover

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

It’s not that I think I should be exempt from the rest of the human population when it comes to being dumped—I understand we all must go through it at some point in our lives—but it doesn’t make the whole experience of losing someone you (still) truly love and care about any easier. Do you have any relationship advice to help me get over my ex and our breakup?
Down and Dumped


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Down and Dumped,

Men lack a certain amino acid in their physiological infrastructure responsible for making them a) feel guilty for any of their wrongdoings, b) address any of their feelings with an honest outlook and c) miss you once you’re gone—or at least enough to get them to feel guilty for what they’ve done and be honest with themselves about their feelings for you!
Learning this sad (but even more sadly, true!) fact about men can sometimes be disheartening. If we hadn’t all grown up knowing what color-scheme we were going to plan our dream wedding in, what names we were going to give to our future offspring and where we would live out our fairytale life, we would all be a whole lot better off. Since this suggestion cancels out the fact that we women do, indeed, bear this particular amino acid I’d like to deem, “The Ability to Truly Love Someone Other Than Yourself,” I’ll go with my back-up plan.

April’s Hints on How to Mend a Broken Heart:

#1 — If there’s a party you know about, get dressed and go celebrate with people who want to enjoy themselves! Look great, and you’ll have a better chance of feeling great. Flirt!
#2 — Rub those tears away with a rub down. Book a spa date for one. Call your favorite day spa and book yourself a massage, a manicure and a pedicure, a facial or any of the above. If he won’t take care of you – do it yourself. You’ll feel a little bit better immediately – and maybe a lot better.
#3 — Rent a movie like Bridget Jones, The Philadelphia Story, Sex and the City (the complete first, second, third or any season on DVD), Four Weddings and a Funeral or for some good old fashioned teary catharsis, love story. Get some take out Chinese food or sushi and give yourself dinner and a movie.
#4 — Take a yoga class or a long run on a beach or a beautiful winding road. You’ll change your body chemistry by exercising, use up some of the angry energy you’ll feel after being dumped, and you’ll sweat away some of the toxins in your body.

Not only will my tips have you feeling better fast, they'll will have you up and ready to meet new people in no time! If you need some help to get back in the dating game, check out my books, Think & Date Like A Man (for women) and Date Out Of Your League (for men).