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How to Throw A Fabulous Singles Party

How to Throw A Fabulous Singles Party

How to Throw A Fabulous Singles Party

Top 10 Tips for a Great Party

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

I hear about, and read about, all of these great parties, but I've never been invited to one, and I've always been afraid to throw one myself. I have a lot of single friends and with the holidays coming up, I think it would be fun to throw a fabulous party and maybe help some new relationships form. Can you give me some tips on how to throw a party that all my guests will love and remember?

Single Party Girl


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Single Party Girl,

It's a lot easier than you think to throw a successful party and to make Christmas Eve or Valentine's Eve (or any elected evening) a night to remember.  Here are my tips and advice for a "heart-y" night of ingenious party planning...with a special focus on singles.

  1. Send Invitations, Don’t Call. There is something about receiving an invitation in the mail that makes people think that yours will be a special, thought out party -- not just a get together that’s thrown together. Be specific in your invitation. Give an ”RSVP by” date so you know how much food and liquor to buy. If you want everyone to wear red or BYOB send instructions in the invitation.
  2. Grab Gag Gifts. Tell everyone to bring a gift under $10 or $20 (or whatever price point is right for your crowd) for the opposite sex and have a grab bag -- it’s a great conversation starter. Tell them that the theme of the grab bag gifts is LOVE. Check out our gifts guide page for lots of gifts that'll be great for the grab bag.
  3. All Dressed Up -- With Someplace To Go. Have a dress up theme -- come dressed as your favorite lover on Valentine’s Day. Or come dressed as cupid.
  4. Read ’em and Weep! Ask guests to RSVP with an e-mail of their best love story -- one that worked out, or one that got away (as a reminder to make the most of the night!), and print them out and mount them on red velvet and place them around the buffet for people to read.
  5. Serve Red Cocktails. Red punch, sangria with pomegranates or pomegranate martinis, and cosmopolitans are great conversation starters - and delicious, too.
  6. Host an Aphrodisiac Buffet! Oysters, sea urchin sushi, mushrooms (grilled or roasted Portobellos with some olive oil and salt are easy and divine), champagne and dark chocolate are just some of the goodies that will put your guests in the mood for love. Or if you're not up for cooking or catering have a pot-luck dinner - only tell everyone to bring red food only! Rare roast beef, stuffed red peppers, tomatoes with red-topped bruschetta and gazpacho are great ideas to give them as starters. Strawberries and raspberries are terrific dessert fruits on their own, or baked in tarts.
  7. Pledge Your Allegiance to Martha Stewart, and the United States of Decoration. Make it simple or go all out. Flowers are always inviting and festive, and if you put out bunches of monochromatic buds -- this is one time when you can buy lots of carnations, and put out buckets of all red around the house -- roses, tulips, or any beautiful red flower is a great way to start. For a more whimsical decorative theme, fill the living room with red and pink helium filled balloons. Candlelight is always terrific. Red and white candles are beautiful and flattering.
  8. Even Steven. Make sure there is an equal number of men and women.
  9. Have a Trash to Treasure Party! Ask your girlfriends to bring their best ex-boyfriend to meet your friends. Your friends’ ”trash” may be your treasure! (Don’t tell the guys it’s a trash to treasure party. They won’t like it!).
  10. Love is Blind. Have a blind date party! Ask everyone to bring a blind date to the party.

For a more "private" party, take a look at my book Ideas for a Fun Date and get some great ideas.