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How Wives Are Viewed As An Extension of Her Husband

How Wives Are Viewed As An Extension of Her Husband

How Wives Are Viewed As An Extension of Her Husband

Become An Asset to Your Husband's Business

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

My new husband just got a new high-powered job and the company he's working for is having a big party in a couple weeks...spouses invited! This is the first work function I've been to with him and I'm not sure exactly how I should present myself. Should I look sexy so everyone knows he has the hottest wife there? Or should I be more conservative so his co-workers respect him? Please give me some tips and advice on how I can make the best impression for my husband!
Bring Your Wife to Work


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Bring Your Wife to Work,

Spouses DEFINITELY affect the careers of their husbands. A wife tells a client or an employer a lot about an employee. She is an extension of her husband. The woman he chooses to spend his life with speaks volumes about him. 

I am always advising my clients who are dating and looking for a husband to be the kind of woman he is able to take anywhere -- in his family life, his personal life, and his business life, especially. A wife should be an asset in every way.

Dos and Don'ts for Wives: 

  • Don't get drunk, do drugs, or dance on the table top. Would you trust your money to a man who's wife does any of the above three things at a company event? I wouldn't.
  • Don't flirt or dress like a slut. It implies instability in the marriage and risk taking in the relationship. Take your risks by ordering something uncooked off the menu -- not by wearing a plunging neckline and making off color remarks to the clients.
  • Keep up on what's fashionable and current. You want to appear smart -- and not just about academics. Knowing what's in fashion, how to wear it, and how to behave fashionably (with good manners) speaks volumes about your husband's choice in you and his values out of work and at work.