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Married But In Separate Beds?

Married But In Separate Beds?

Married But In Separate Beds?

Can You Have A Happy Relationship Sleeping In Separate Bedrooms?

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

I have a friend who says she and her husband sleep in separate bedrooms due to his snoring. I can't imagine sleeping in a different bedroom from my husband and think this is probably a sign that things are going wrong in their marriage. Don't you think that married couples should sleep together in order to have a healthy relationship?

Sincerely,  Snuggling With My Spouse


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Snuggling With My Spouse,

You bring up the very good question as to whether or not married couples have to sleep in the same bed and bedroom in order to have a healthy marriage and relationship.
Snoring rooms: Problem or solution?


If couples sleep in separate beds or even separate bedrooms, and they're happy -- who cares!?

Victorian couples did and they had the hottest sex on record. In fact, keeping the mystery in your sex life is part of keeping the sex hot. And if it takes a separation for sleep, and the rest of the relationship works, I'm all for it.

I give relationship advice, and the best advice I can give anyone is to do what works for the two of you as long as no one is being hurt. So, if both parties involved are fine and satisfied with separate beds and/or separate bedrooms, then that's just fine and healthy.

If the sex becomes non-existent, and that's a problem, then you have to adjust your sleeping situation to make sex more convenient. If you're sleeping in separate beds to avoid sex, than that is a problem in the relationship.

Many couples with young kids take separate beds or bedrooms because the little kids crawl into bed with the mom and dad isn't thrilled about having his sleep interrupted -- and the same is true with mom and dad reversed.