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Out of the Ordinary Gift Ideas

Out of the Ordinary Gift Ideas

Out of the Ordinary Gift Ideas

Giving Gifts that Can't be Wrapped in Paper

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

I am so bored of buying my friends and family birthday presents! Most of them have good stable jobs and can buy pretty much whatever they want, so what's my little gift going to do for them? I feel like I always end up buying them something lame just to buy them something. Do you have any ideas for what I can get them that will actually mean something?

Becoming a Better Gifter


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Becoming a Better Gifter,

Materialism is boring. How many birthday gifts can you get before you start getting the same old-same old? Instead of wrapping something in a box this year -- load up the car and take your honey, your child, or your family and friends on an ice skating afternoon or a river-rafting trip. A simple beach picnic can be a great birthday gift if it's something you don't normally do.

If trippin' sounds overwhelming, then try a two hour gig by taking your gift-ee to a ceramics coloring place or a massage and pedicure appointment (for women -- or men) to shake things up a little.

Children on the verge of teen-dom really appreciate being treated like an adult -- for a few hours, so take them to a special meal at a restaurant that doesn't have a children's menu -- something you'd save for an adult special occasion. A play or a concert beforehand will make your child feel really special.