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Recycled Gift Tips - Tips on How to Regift With Class

Recycled Gift Tips - Tips on How to Regift With Class

Recycled Gift Tips - Tips on How to Regift With Class

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

What's the etiquette for regifting? I have a bunch of brand new items from the past year that I don't need. I either already have them or they're not my style. I wouldn't give them to the close family and friends for whom I normally put a lot of time into shopping, but is it OK to put those votives into the company Secret Santa for the holidays?

Regifting Novice 


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Regifting Novice,

Who cares how a gift got there — it’s the thought that counts. It's perfectly legitimate for you to regift those unused item! Etiquette means grace, and re-gifting can be done gracefully.

Here are some tips for regifting:

  • Check the re-gift for tell-tale signs of the original gifter. Make sure there are no cards or engravings or inscriptions to you on the gift you’re about to pass on.
  • Re-wrap it in current wrapping paper.
  • Take of all tags that will allow the re-gift recipient to return the gift. If they return it and find out it was purchased three years ago and is no longer good for return, they’ll know you re-gifted. Does this put them in a tight spot? No more so than the fact that they’re returning a gift they got. This makes them just as guilty of re-gifting by returning.
  • Remember the spirit of gift giving and don’t get into a petty keeping score mode. It’s grinch-y.

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