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Relationship Rituals

Relationship Rituals

Relationship Rituals

Special Rituals You and Your Honey Can Celebrate

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

My husband and I are so sick of celebrating Valentine's Day when we know every other couple in the world is celebrating. Sure, we enjoy celebrating our wedding anniversary, but we wish we had more special rituals we could celebrate throughout the year. Do you have any suggestions?

Let's Celebrate


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Let's Celebrate,

Civilization is based on rituals and laws that remind people who we are, and what our priorities and commitments are. Rituals within relationships are wonderful ways to extend that principle and remind us why we are together, what our commitment is (and was) and what love we have for each other, and it’s personal history.

Valentine’s Day and wedding anniversaries are good starters, but more personal rituals are what differentiate couples and create intimacy.

Here are some of my ritual suggestions:

  1. Celebrate the first time you slept together. No one has to know about this, but the two of you, and it can be celebrated by a night in a hotel together. Get the kids to an overnight with a relative, friend, or babysitter, and spend the night together commemorating the sweet, and hot sex you had that first time.

    Gift suggestions:lingerie, sex toys, and games and robes.
  2. Celebrate the first kiss. What better way to put the spark back into your relationship than to remember that first kiss – whether it was awkward, hot, or both.

    Gift suggestions: Hershey’s kisses, give her a selection of Mac or Chanel lip gloss, mistletoe – even if it’s not Christmas!
  3. Celebrate the first date. Recreate the first date. If it was dinner and a movie – find that same movie on DVD and watch it again. Or go out to dinner at the same place. Having a regular "joint" to go to is great fun and very romantic.

    Gift suggestions: Dates! Jewelry for him and her with the date of your first date engraved on it. If you want, you can also engrave the current anniversary date, too.

For an extensive list of romantic date ideas, check out my book, Romantic Date Ideas.