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Romantic Picnic Date Idea

Romantic  Picnic Date Idea

Romantic Picnic Date Idea

Advice On Planning Perfect Picnic Date

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

I finally asked the girl of my dreams out on a date! I want our first date to be super special and unique, so I was thinking about taking her on a romantic picnic. I've never actually been on a picnic before and was wondering if you have any dating tips for how I can make our picnic the best ever.

Sincerely, Pick Me Picnic


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Pick Me Picnic,

You will definitely be able to wow your date by taking her on a picnic. There are so many various ways to plan your romantic picnic, so take some of my advice and have the date of your dreams!

Setting the Stage for a Picnic:

This picnic date is a darn near perfect first date. It’s like the traditional lunch date, but it’s quiet, beautiful, and handmade. However, I prefer to put a spin on the traditional picnic by adding a whole other dimension to the date, and this is one of the best.

In this date, you’ll pick a favorite local park and pitch-in together to clean it up, plant some flowers, prune a tree, paint a gazebo, or whatever your time and imagination allows. It’s a rare date that won’t love the idea, because it’s unusual, it’s great exercise, and it’s doing something wonderful. You get to show your date what a caring, ecologically and community minded individual you are, while still setting plenty of time aside for romance at the end of the date when you enjoy a fantastic picnic lunch.

The easiest, of course, is to choose a park and pitch-in to clean it up, which you won’t need permission for. Other work like planting or pruning, however, you will need approval from the administrating authority, which is generally the City Park and Recreation Department or your city’s park service. If you live in a small town, the park is often managed by a local club. Whether it’s the park service or a club, they often have small stipends set aside for the maintenance of the park, which means the extent of your expense will be sweet equity.

Dress to Impress:

A pair of well fitting jeans, work boots, and a slate, gray or navy wool shirt. If it’s hot out, Khaki shorts or board shorts with a classic white T. A cotton sundress, a denim skirt and a sexy T, or cute shorts and a wife beater.

Devil’s in the Details:

Ah, the picnic. Here’s a chance to show your taste and creativity. You don’t need to do much work; simply skip the fast food and head straight to your local specialty grocers where you can get poached salmon and sautéed green beans. You can even find the basics for a great picnic at your standard chain grocery store – a rotisserie chicken and some kind of salad. A pasta, couscous, or potato salad made with vinaigrette is best – leave the mayo for another time. Pick up some ready-to-eat baby veggies and dip or some fresh fruit salad and don’t forget a small cake or some elegant cookies. Now you’re all set!

A bottle of French sparkling lemonade, gourmet flavored brewed iced tea, or a bottle of wine. If you’re having vino, opt for something a little different such as a Rose. It’s had a bad name in the U.S. as it is sometimes confused with its cloying cousin, White Zinfandel, but they are nothing alike. Roses are the seminal picnic wine of the South of France; it is sipped in elegant Cannes cafes and rustic provincial kitchens. Sancerre is a readily available and reliable brand. Roses are best served cold.

If you have a small portable CD player, music is a nice touch on this date. However, on a first date, you want all your hard work to come off as effortless, so don’t struggle with multiple trips to the car or drag your over-sized stereo system out. A great small CD player and your favorite mellow songstress ... anyone from Billie Holliday to Natalie Merchant.
The basics for pruning, planting or cleaning ... heavy garbage bags, two pairs of great long work gloves, and soap and towels for cleaning each other up. Also remember your picnic supplies ... a wine opener, plastic wine glasses, napkins, silverware, water, and sunscreen.

Doing good makes you feel good about yourself and each other... and that is a lightning rod for intimacy. Bring along some candles, a pillow or two and take your picnic into twilight.

For more ideas for some fabulous first dates, check out my book Ideas for a Fun Date. And for even more dates, take a look at Romantic Date Ideas.