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Rose Colors Have Meaning

Rose Colors Have Meaning

Rose Colors Have Meaning

What Does Your Rose REALLY Say About How Your Feel?

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

My boyfriend sent me three dozen roses. I thought it was so sweet but they were all yellow roses! Now I'm wondering if he even cares about me!

Roses Are Red


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Roses Are Red,

Well, let's not jump to conclusions, sweetie. Yellow roses are usually for a friendship that is special. But since the guys usually get it wrong, here are a few tips: Red roses mean love, lust and romance. You can never go wrong with red roses for romance. White roses are pure and lend a spiritual feeling, making them great for a daughter. Pink roses are light hearted and sweet. If you're giving roses just because, consider pink.

Got it? Great. BUT ... don't assume your boyfriend doesn't love you over those buds! He was probably just trying to do something unique for you. He may mean passion, but he picked yellow because he gave you red last time. So clue him in, kindly. But be happy you got roses -- it's definitely better that he gave you roses over chocolates.
Roses vs. Chocolate -- Why Roses Win

Six reasons why roses win in the Chocolates vs. Roses War

1) Roses aren't fattening and don't give you cavities or zits.
2) Roses last longer than chocolates.
3) Roses don't melt in the sun.
4) After they die, you can save the dried rose petals in a small glass fish bowl for a pretty coffee table look.
5) Your children, friends and family won't take a bite of one of your roses and put it back in the box.
6) Roses smell deliciously fragrant.

The psychology of roses:

Your date, partner or spouse will bring you flowers for any of the following occasions:

  • General appreciation of you.
  • Expression of love.
  • He's apologizing for something he did.
  • It's a holiday

HOWEVER … a bunch of gorgeous sunflowers or sophisticated irises or even seasonal lilacs or cheery tulips don't pack the same symbolic emotional punch as the sight of a dozen roses in a box or a vase — or even a single rose for that matter. Roses have come to signify seriousness in romance, more so than any other flower. The only other possible exception is the orchid and that is usually only appreciated as much or more than roses by orchid collectors or aficionados. 
And make sure you return the favor or gift once you get those flowers, ladies!