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Seeing Your Ex With Someone New

Seeing Your Ex With Someone New

Seeing Your Ex With Someone New

What to Do When You Bump Into Your Ex and They're With Someone New

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

Help! What should you do when you bump into your ex and they are on a date with some one new?

Signed, Freaking Out! 


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Freaking Out,

There are three options when you run into our ex with someone new, you can

- run
- hide
- make your presence known

While ducking and running may be your first impulse – try instead to use the opportunity to your advantage. How? Simple… do everything you can to appear VERY normal, calm, cool and collected. Why? Nearly everyone describes their ex (especially a recent ex) as “crazy”, “nuts”, “off their rocker” – or in some way strange or abnormal to our friends. It makes us feel better and helps us to cope with the breakup. And trust me, our exes say the same things to their friends too. Here’s your chance to prove them wrong by appearing very normal.

Here’s what you cannot do:

Do not cry or act like a victim. Poor, poor pitful me isn’t going to attract them back. People do not respect, nor are they attracted to, people who act weak, depressed and miserable.

Do not for one moment consider confronting your ex by getting into a fight with them – or by pointing out what terrible error they made breaking up with you. What? Do you really think you can debate or argue them back?

And do not even think about creating a coincidence by 'accidentally' running into them. Your ex, not to mention everyone else, will know exactly what you’re doing and all you’ll succeed at -- is looking like that “crazy” ex they told everyone you were. Or worse… a desperate, obsessed, stalker.