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Three Reasons to Appreciate Your Husband

Three Reasons to Appreciate Your Husband

Three Reasons to Appreciate Your Husband

Tips for Accepting Your Husband for Who He Is -- and Appreciating Him for It

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

I love my husband but sometimes I feel like I just take him for granted. He's a great guy, we have a perfectly fine marriage, and he takes wonderful care of our son but he doesn't really go above and beyond with me. I never get any flowers or romantic candlelit dinners. Some of my friends' husbands shower them in gifts all the time. Am I just being negative or do I have a point? Would our relationship be stronger if he went above and beyond once in a while?

Sincerely,  Hubby's OK


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Hubby's OK,

It's easy to find the negative in this world because we're conditioned by society to complain instead of taking responsibility. It takes a little bit of a step back and an attitude readjustment to find the positive.

Here are some things you may have overlooked in husbands as fathers that you can now thank them for:

Does your husband have a job with a steady pay check?

Does he provide for your and your child? If so, take your head out of the sand and understand how many deadbeat dads abandon their financial responsibilities to their families.

Does your husband stay faithful?

If he does, you might want to stop taking that for granted, and thank him. There is a lot of infidelity and like your health, unless you're negatively affected, you tend to forget how good you have it.

Does your husband show up for holidays?

By giving your child a sense of structure at holiday time, let alone dinner table time, your husband is contributing to a healthy home with consistent rituals that will mean so much to your child as he or she grows older and has his or her own children.

Don't compare yourself to your husband and don't compare your husband to your best friend's husband. The idea is not to compete but to find the good in the world, and in your own home.