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Tips For Helping A Plus-Size Bride Find The Perfect Dress

Tips For Helping A Plus-Size Bride Find The Perfect Dress

Tips For Helping A Plus-Size Bride Find The Perfect Dress

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Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

My friend just asked me to be the maid of honor for her wedding. First order of business: help her find the perfect wedding dress. The problem is, my friend is a little bit overweight and really self-conscious about her body. It's going to be really difficult to help her find a dress that she feels good in. Should I just make sure to compliment her a lot and tell her how skinny she looks in every dress? I want her to feel good about herself!
Maid of Honorable Friend


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Maid of Honorable Friend,

Any bride can feel self-conscious or even badly about her body whether she's plus-sized or a size zero. Body image usually has less to do with the actual body than the image a bride has about her body. A plus-size bride may be proud of her curves while a zero size bride may think she's fat.

How you can best help the plus-size bride find the perfect dress:

  • The best way for a wedding gown sales team to address a bride who is plus-size -- or zero size -- is to make her feel beautiful because she is a bride not because she is big or small.Don't comment on body parts.
  • Don't tell a bride how small her waist is or how voluptuous her cleave is if you want to keep your bride focused on the gown and away from her body. Focus on how beautiful, regal, saucy, or innocent she looks -- not how thin or round she looks.
  • Steer a bride into a gown that fits her, not one that fits the current fashion. Luckily, there are trendy gowns and traditional gowns to choose from, and when your bride has a plus-size figure, make sure the gown makes her look like a million bucks, not a fashion victim.