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Tips For How To Create A Perfect Picnic Date

Tips For How To Create A Perfect Picnic Date

Tips For How To Create A Perfect Picnic Date

Tips For Planning A Modern Day Picnic

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

The weather is beautiful and my girlfriend and I are looking for some fun summer activities. Picnics seem to be the new thing to do and we want to go on one. I need some advice for how I can take my girlfriend on the ultimate picnic date without feeling like we’re stuck in a boring time warp.

Sincerely, Wanna-Be Picnicker


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Wanna-Be Picnicker,

Picnics are definitely picking up in popularity and there are plenty of ways you can go on one and still feel like you’re living in 2007. Here are some fabulous and fun tips for your picnic.

Wraps are winning when it comes to sandwiches:

* The reason is that they're new and trendy -- a nice twist on the old standby sandwich. 

* They're also healthier since wraps have less sugar and flour in them than bread does. 

* In addition, there are spinach wraps and tomato wraps that give you a little veggie in your bread, making the bread even more healthy. 

* Lettuce wraps are even trendier when you serve Thai or Chinese food in lettuce cups or wrapped in lettuce making your food lo-calorie and highly inventive. 

Chips are no longer just potato:

*Vegetable chips are the hip chip. 

*Baked chips are even hipper than fried chips.

*Banana chips are great for those hikes before the picnic because they're such instant energy. 

A jug of wine is so yesterday:

Wine boxes that come with a sippy straw have replaced splits and mini-splits of wine. For a romantic picnic date twist that breaks the mold of the bottle and corkscrew, consider wine in kid-like boxes and mini-cans. 

Listen up: 

Then there's mood music. You don't need your own personal mariachi band or giant boom box to create a picnic mood. An MP3 player with an extra set of ear phones -- or even more romantic -- one ear bud for each of you -- will bring you and your picnic date closer, physically, and you'll share the same music and MP3 player and music.

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