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Tips for Making A Dinner An Aphrodisiac

Tips for Making A Dinner An Aphrodisiac

Tips for Making A Dinner An Aphrodisiac

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Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

Is there any truth to pheromones and aphrodisiacs and their sex-enhancing qualities? Do you have any advice on how I can plan an evening that will let me use pheromones to my advantage? I want to use them to add some spice to my relationship!

Sincerely, Who Needs Viagra?


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Who Needs Viagra,

Pheromones are fact -- and their cousin is the aphrodisiac. Whether or not there is biological basis to aphrodisiacs, I'm all for them! Certain foods, smells, and sensations make people feel amorous -- and it doesn't take a scientific study to prove it -- just some common sense.

The feeling of wearing beautiful silk lingerie -- even if it isn't showing to the world -- can make a woman feel sexy and act sexier than usual. Same thing is true with a delicious perfume or the taste of fine wine.


On a smaller scale, to illustrate the same point, a woman with a new haircut that she loves has a bounce in her step that wasn't there with the old 'do.' What we put in, on and around our body affects us -- and our sexuality.


Tips for making an aphrodisiac dinner delightful



  1. Get rid of stress. Have a massage and a long, lingering bath by candlelight with great smelling bath oils or bubbles. Play music that is relaxing. Shut your door.
  2. Take time on your toilette. Preparing for a date is part of the sexuality you bring to a date. When you take time to bathe and dress leisurely, you project -- and feel -- sexual and relaxed.
  3. Great lingerie, great clothes, great shoes -- and a great pedicure and manicure as well as waxing -- all make you feel sexy and more at ease and open to the aphrodisiac experience. When you’re confident and relaxed with your appearance, you can forget it – and let him focus on it while you just have flirty fun.


  1. Start talking business. Nothing kills the mood like talking about stressful things like projects that are due at work, financial challenges and in laws. Keep the subject matter playful. Make jokes. And better yet, flirt.
  2. Talk about your past boyfriends or ex-spouse. Whomever you’re with for Valentine’s Day dinner wants to feel like he or she is the only one. Keep the night about the two of you.
  3. Be closed-minded. If you're offered something like uni -- sea urchin sushi -- which is an aphrodisiac -- try it!  Being experimental is fun and sexy.