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Use Sports to Get Closer to Your Mate Or As A Way To Meet One

Use Sports to Get Closer to Your Mate Or As A Way To Meet One

Use Sports to Get Closer to Your Mate Or As A Way To Meet One

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

I'm trying to get back into the dating game but I'm having a hard time finding men who are my type. Though I'm not really that into sports, I like athletic men, so I'm starting to think maybe I should look toward sports for finding a man. It seems as though there are some couples who just eat, sleep, and breathe sports and they seem to get along fantastically. Do you have any tips for how I can snag the athlete of my dreams?

Sports are Sexy


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Sports are Sexy, 

Those weekend warriors are just doing what makes them feel good -- and it's legal!

Men and women who spend their weekends as sports warriors playing sports, watching sports, and talking about sports are just doing what they enjoy. These are competitive people who are looking for another arena in which to compete, or are trying to hang on to an arena in which they used to compete. You may see them acting out their feelings about other parts of their lives on the court or the field, but that's what people do on the road when they're driving, at parties, and in their art.

Sports can be a dating tool:

Ladies, if your goal is to meet a man – go where the men are. And what do 9.9 out of 10 guys love? Sports! And while they may be full of men, Sports Bars wouldn’t be my first choice -- instead shoot for basketball games (no pun intended!), tennis matches, football, baseball – or kickball games.

Couples come together because they like the way the other person makes them feel. They stay together because they have common goals and interests -- these goals and interests can be family, religion, sex, social life, or sports (among other things). When a couple has health in common, they appreciate and support each other's exercise and sport routines as well as healthy diets. This is why taking up a sport with your honey is good for the relationship -- and your self at the same time. Taking tennis lessons, golf lessons or even learning to tango (which can be very energetic and requires discipline and stamina) can be a great Saturday morning date or a Saturday night date. It's also something that a couple can use to expand their social circles, and the support of community -- whether it's family, neighbors or friends -- is important to a relationship.

4 Tips for being a good sport:

  1. Take up one or more sports on a casual basis. Some people resist sports because they resist the scheduling that is so inherent in the rest of their lives. If sports are something that can be done at the drop of a hat, it takes the pressure of scheduling tee time, off. Keep a few tennis rackets in the closet, and know your club times or your public court hours. Keep yoga mats in your car trunk. Keep running shoes nearby.
  2. Make a date night (or day) out of a new sport. If you sign up for a class together, you won't be able to let it slide, the way other things get shelved because you're just "too busy." Some couples need and like the scheduling.
  3. Gift a sport! Give your honey a gift certificate to a spa, gym, or for six or twelve lessons for a particular sport for their birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Hanukah, Easter -- or any other day you'd give a gift.
  4. Any time you'd bring wine or flowers to dinner, start bringing tennis balls, yoga class gift certificates, or kickball game tickets instead. If you get into a health and fitness mindset, you'll realize all the opportunities there are for expanding and including sports, health, and other afficionados (which you will become) in your circle.