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Wedding Advice - I Do...Blog

Wedding Advice - I Do...Blog

Wedding Advice - I Do...Blog

Advice For Starting Your Own Wedding Blog

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

I'm getting married next year and I am having a blast planning the wedding! A lot of my other engaged friends have started their own "wedding blogs" where they write the details of every aspect of their planning. It seems like a fun idea, but I don't really get the point of it. Why do people blog about their wedding planning and how can you do it successfully?
Blogger Wannabe


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Blogger Wannabe,

Blogging about your wedding is definitely the new thing to do .... for many reasons. I'll help you understand why brides-to-be are doing it, and how you can create the best wedding blog possible!

History of going public:

Going public with intimate details of life is now normal. It started when the Vietnam War was broadcast in our living rooms and gained momentum when talk shows like Phil Donahue and Oprah made therapy mainstream by showing counselors performing therapy on individuals and couples on television. Reality shows made stars out of nobodies and blogs gave writers a new venue to express their deepest -- or in some cases, most shallow -- thoughts on the web for everyone to read. Why should brides be any different?
Why blog?

Sharing great joy is a pleasure in life, and the internet has made sharing easier than ever and quicker than lightning. Brides can keep their families and friends up-to-date on wedding news with websites and blogs that post their day to day (or moment to moment) thoughts, photos and updates on the plans that will affect all guests and wedding participants. Blogs are not just ways to share intimacies. They are great information sources. When weddings involve out-of-town guests, blogs and wedding websites can be of great import to guests who need directions to wedding events, need to know dress codes for the day after brunch or the rehearsal dinner, or who want to get an idea of what the bride and groom want as a gift. Out-of-towners can find out local weather if the bride lists it on her wedding blog or website, so that they can pack accordingly and dress for maximum comfort and fun.

How to blog well:

Brides who want to keep wedding blogs should keep the following tips in mind:

  • Statistics help readers who will be guests! Out-of-towners will want to know about your events so they can make travel and lodging plans.
  • Let your guests know what to wear by letting them know what your bridesmaids are wearing, what you're considering wearing, and what your groom and groomsmen are wearing -- not just to the wedding, but the events.
  • Photos! Everyone loves to see the progress, and your photos will keep them coming back for more.

    All in all, wedding blogs and wedding websites are great, new ideas for brides and their families to celebrate and communicate about upcoming nuptials.