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Wedding Tips - How Brides Are Looking Fresher for the Second Time Around

Wedding Tips - How Brides Are Looking Fresher for the Second Time Around

Wedding Tips - How Brides Are Looking Fresher for the Second Time Around

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

Every bridal magazine seems to have tips for first-time brides, but I'm getting remarried in a few months and I'd love some tips on looking fresh for my second big day.

Saved The Best For Last


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Saved The Best For Last,

Brides have always been more nervous about their wedding day than about any other day. Now there are increasingly more ways that promise to make brides — and grooms, thank you very much — look better for their big day, the day that many women and men think is the most important day in their lives. And who's to argue?
Is That Bridal Radiance Really Botox? 

Botox is a medical and cosmetic procedure that can be performed in homes by licensed practitioners, as well as in doctor's offices and medical spas. The result is instantaneous, as Botox is injected with a needle and syringe into the areas that are to be smoothed out. Why has Botox quickly become the secret weapon of so many second time around brides (and grooms)?

Botox is easy to get.
Botox is relatively inexpensive, compared to surgery that augments breasts or reduces tummy fat.
Botox injections don't involve general anesthesia or long term healing.

There aren't as many horror stories about Botox as with other cosmetic procedures.

Botox is not a major procedure, compared to changing hair color or having a face lift.
Botox can make second and third time brides look closer to their first time wedding photos. If Your First Wedding Was White -- Show Your Colors The Second Time:

One of the most important decisions brides make is what colors she will have for theme. The colors will affect everything from the makeup to the flowers to the cake. And if your first wedding was virginal white, you may want to inject some color -- or a whole lot of color -- into your second wedding. Whatever you decide, take your color seriously.

Here are some tips and advice for considering and choosing colors:

  • If you have a favorite color, use it.
  • Consider what colors are flattering next to your skin.
  • Consider the venue for your wedding. Some parts of the venue are unchangeable, and you will want to consider their colors in choosing wedding colors. For instance, the carpeting at a particular venue may be a color that completely clashes with what you want for your bridesmaid dresses and flowers. If you're having an outdoor wedding, your colors will have a lot to do with the seasonal colors.
  • If you choose more common colors, it will be easier for your bridesmaids to purchase dresses — seasonal colors are less expensive, and if your bridesmaids are purchasing their dresses "off the rack" it will be easier to get pastel colors in the Summer than in the Winter.

    In addition to the colors, you may want to consider the theme. If you're having a theme to your wedding — like Asian food or French food, you may want to consider themed outfits — like Asian inspired fashions for the bridesmaids, or French inspired fashions for the bridesmaids.