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What A Man's Choice of Car Tells You About Him

What A Man's Choice of Car Tells You About Him

What A Man's Choice of Car Tells You About Him

Advice on Why You Should Forget About Size -- Car Model, Make, and Year Matter Most When it Comes to Your Dates

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

I met a great guy, but I'm afraid he's a player. He doesn't have a little black book, but he does drive a bright yellow Mustang. It's such an obnoxious car! And he loves it! Why would he drive such a thing and do you think it says anything about his personality? Is it true that you can tell a lot about your date by the car he drives? Please give me some dating advice that will help me find my true love!

Sincerely, Sitting Shot-Gun


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Sitting Shot-Gun,

Cars have always been an extension of male egos — if not other parts of their anatomy -- especially in states where public transportation is not frequented often. The car a person purchases says as much about them as their clothing. And because cars cost so much more than clothes, I'd venture to say that you can learn more about a man from his car than his shoes. So, in dating, if someone with a Volvo is interested in dinner and movie, they will probably be conservative socially all the way around. This, however, has nothing to do with their sex life. A Volvo or mini-van driver, while practical in matters of the road, may be wild in bed.

Spotting Sports Car Driver

A sports car driver is someone who likes driving — unless of course they are driving their sports cars, for the most part, in and out of valet parking alleys. Then the sports car is usually a means to attract a mate who is looking for someone with a lot of ego. Watch out for sports car drivers you could be dating with low mileage. He's all about looks and not performance. The sports car driver who is truly an aficionado of the road, and likes his car to match his driving level, is going to be great in bed. Not a daredevil, but someone who likes to master his craft — be it driving or sex. Sadly, a sports car driver who is not much of a driver may be all bark and no bite — literally — in bed.

Young Guys in Older Cars

When it comes to young drivers who want to stand out in a crowd — old cars do that for them. Men and women who drive old cars are saying, "Look at me! I'm different, and I'm interesting! I'm sophisticated because I don't go with the young crowd -- I am the young crowd." Anyone can drive a new Honda, but someone's got to be pretty special to drive an old car.

Now if only you could get him to care as much about his appearance you're sitting pretty in the driver's seat -- of the relationship -- even though he's his hands on the steering wheel of the car.