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What Different Flowers Mean

What Different Flowers Mean

What Different Flowers Mean

How to Give Flowers for Different Purposes and Occassions

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

I know my girlfriend loves flowers, but I'm tired of getting her bouquets of a dozen roses. I don't want to ask her about her favorites, because that would take away the surprise. How can I figure out what kinds of flowers she'd like?

Boyfriend Who Delivers 


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Boyfriend Who Delivers,

If you know what your girlfriend's personality is like, I can help you choose the best flowers for both her personal tastes and for the occasion at hand. Read on!

What do different flowers mean? 

A bunch of gorgeous sunflowers or sophisticated irises or even seasonal lilacs or cheery tulips don't pack the same emotional punch as the sight of a dozen roses in a box or a vase -- or even a single rose for that matter. Roses have come to signify seriousness in romance, more so than any other flower. The only other possible exception is the orchid and that is usually only appreciated as much or more than roses by orchid collectors or aficionados.

Red roses mean love, lust and romance. You can never go wrong with red roses for romance.   

Yellow roses are for friendship that is special. 

White roses are pure and lend a spiritual feeling. Give white roses to your daughter. 

Pink roses are light hearted and sweet. If you're giving roses just because, consider pink.

Irises are poetic. Anyone who chooses to give or buy themselves irises has an artistic and sensitive soul.

Tulips are very bright and simple flowers that signify spring and cheery personalities. Tulips are given by people who are optimistic.

Daffodilsare very bright above all else. They are given to light up a room or a mood. Anyone who gives daffodils is a simple person with simple moods. 

Bouquets Mean Different Things:

A cascade bouquet is for a drama queen. Anyone who wants center stage will love a cascade bouquet. 

A nosegay is for someone who doesn't want the spotlight. The most important things in life to this bride are charity, strong character, and modesty.

A hand-tied bouquet is for the artist and original thinker who doesn't want a traditional life and is into the here and now rather than tradition. 

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