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What Your Date's Choice of Pet Says About Them

What Your Date's Choice of Pet Says About Them

What Your Date's Choice of Pet Says About Them

Must Love Animals . . . What Your Favorite Animal Says About You

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

I've heard you can tell a lot about a person by the kinds of animals they like. I have some friends who are obsessed with horses and others who are solely dog lovers. What do you think a person's favorite animal reveals about them?

Sincerely, Animal Lover


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Animal Lover,

There is a lot you can tell about a person based on their favorite animal.

What these popular animals say about a person


Big dogs - People who like big dogs want protection in their animals. These people will be protective of their family and friends. On the other hand, men who like big dogs want someone their own size to wrestle and play with. These men (and occasionally women) like full contact sports as often as possible.

Toy dogs - Women who like toy-sized dogs want their dogs to be manageable. They want dogs that they can plop in their purses, or over one arm. They may see their dogs like babies or accessories. They want their lives to be the same way -- manageable. The dog is more for the woman than it is for the family. Men who like small dogs want to take care of the dogs and feel protective towards them. Some men like small dogs because they think that they are accessory like. Men with small dogs want things to be neat and conquerable.

Personality dogs - People with pugs and bull dogs and other such dogs are unique and like things and situations that are different. They like quality, but not same old, same old. They like to march to the beat of their own drummer.

Birds: If a bird is your favorite animal, you're sophisticated and aloof. You don't need to touch and be affectionate, but you do need freedom. You're unique and one of a kind and you believe in the order of the world -- not your neighborhood.
Horses: If a horse is your favorite animal, you're sensual and down to earth. You love beauty in your life and you're someone who likes to get involved, not stand on the sidelines.

Bear: If a bear is your favorite animal, you see yourself as more important in the world than other people may. In other words, the world revolves around you, more than it does other people -- at least that's what you think. You're a cuddler and you want things your way. Stubborn but loving comes to mind.

Monkeys: If a monkey is your favorite animal, you can count yourself in as a party-goer and thrower. You're social and family oriented and you like to be affectionate and sexual. You flirt, you're capricious and you're always ready for the next big thing.

Tiger: If a tiger is your favorite animal, you see yourself as part of the elite. You count yourself as a leader with and you're not surprised when you're elected to office or chosen to run things. You see it as your birthright. You're very sexual and strong. You might want to hook up with someone whose favorite animal is not the tiger, as there's not much room in a relationship for two people like this.