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Why Certain Presents Make Traditional Valentine's Day Gifts

Why Certain Presents Make Traditional Valentine's Day Gifts

Why Certain Presents Make Traditional Valentine's Day Gifts

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Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

Every Valentine’s Day my husband spoils me with flowers, candy, and jewelry. Now, I’m not complaining, but how did this start? I’m so curious as to how we picked these gifts to give. Do you have any advice on gifts men should buy their women on Valentine's Day?

Dripping in Diamonds


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Dripping in Diamonds,

Whether you're getting flowers, chocolates, diamonds, or all three, there is certainly a story behind the goods! 

Flowers have come to be known as a symbol of courtship and love. Bringing flowers or a corsage to a date is very good manners. Bringing flowers to a date’s mother who is hosting you for dinner is also very good manners. Sending flowers on a holiday is considerate and thoughtful. There’s hardly any downside to flowers. Even at funerals, flowers are a way of communicating respect and condolences. 

Why the Roses?

Red roses are the flower that most directly resembles the human heart. There is no other thing that is as close to the human heart as a red rose. That it smells fragrant and looks pleasing, makes it even more popular as a gift to express love.

Why the Chocolates?

Not everyone loves flowers, and some people are lucky enough to get flowers on a regular basis from their honeys, so that’s where the alternative Valentine’s Day gift comes in. It can be tough to buy for someone you love, and there are so many different kinds of clothing, jewelry, and perfumes to choose from that the easiest thing for men to buy — with success — is candy. In addition, Christmas was just around the last corner, and many men are still suffering from their shopping sprees for loved ones that left them aching for something easy to buy and satisfy their women with. That’s why chocolates — especially chocolates shaped as hearts or in heart shaped boxes -- are terrific gifts that are entirely appropriate for Valentine’s Day. Bottom line — they’re an easy gift for men to buy women. 

Why the hearts?

The heart is the organ that implies life and death. In a pregnancy, there is medical “viability” when there is a heartbeat visualized on an ultrasound reading of the fetus in utero. The blinking blip on the black and white screen is the indicator that can bring mothers and fathers to tears with joy because they have a baby. Likewise, when the heart stops beating, a person is considered expired.  

That’s why the heart has come to represent life and the love that makes life worth living. Although a real heart is hardly “heart-shaped” like the perfectly symmetrical, red heart of Valentines, that symbol resembles the shape we’ve all come to know as the indicator of love and romance. The Valentine heart is an idealized and sanitized symbol of the human heart. Its image is pleasing because bright colors and symmetry are pleasing to the human eye. It’s also easy to draw, and while that sounds funny, it has a lot to do with the heart catching on as a popular icon.

Hey -- while you're anticipating your hearts, flowers, and candy -- don't forget to spoil HIM too!