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Women Cheating With Women

Women Cheating With Women

Women Cheating With Women

And Leaving Their Husbands for Another Women

Advice Seeker :
Dear April Masini,

Recently, one of my female cousins left her husband for another woman. Then a few weeks later, one of my co-workers did the same thing! But of these women are in their forties, had seemingly happy marriages, and nice families. What is with this sudden trend of women leaving their husbands for other women?

Wife on Wife?


April Masini's Advice :

Dear Wife on Wife?

More and more women are leaving their husbands for other women. I don't know if it's been studied and documented, but it's something I've noticed among my readers... a lot.

 Some of the reasons this is happening for women in midlife are:

  • Women are more comfortable with their sexuality as they get older. They may need more time to figure out what it is that they want sexually, and from whom.
  • People's sexual proclivities change, just as people change. What worked in one decade may no longer work in another decade.
  • Family pressure. Often there is family pressure to marry and have children. It's hard for many people who are gay to do that in spite of the gay-friendly climate most of us live in. Many people deny their homosexuality in order to please their families desires for them to be married parents. After they've done it, they decide that now they want to live the rest of their lives for themselves. At midlife many people come in touch with their own mortality and decide that they want to live more honestly than ever before. If they've been lying about their sexuality, this is a time when they stop lying.
  • Death in the family. Often with the death of a strong parent or family influence who was pressuring the woman to be in a heterosexual relationship (overtly or covertly), the woman feels free to come out. This is another way that family pressure influences sexual choices, and then is alleviated when that family member who is pressuring someone dies.
  • Trying it out. Some people try out homosexuality when they are first experiment with sex in their teens or twenties. Others are late bloomers and don't feel free to try things out sexually until their middle age years.