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Dating Tips for Guys



Date Out of Your League is not just a little black book of seduction secrets. It is not just another "how to bed a babe" manuscript, and it is not a secret potion that will instantaneously turn you into a "chick magnet."

Date Out of Your League is an indispensable crash course in effectively attracting, dating, and bedding the women usually confined to fantasies, utilizing a simple strategy and formula for success that transcends winning with women, to winning in the boardroom, and in life. It will challenge you to examine your concepts of dating, your perception of failure and rejection, as well as your overall attitudes—the stuff that either makes you... or breaks you.

You may be wondering right about now what makes one person's approach to women, and to life, better than anyone else's. Better than, say, your own. Well, it's a valid question. And the answer comes in the very appropriate form of a single word: success. And a man who, in part, inspired this book with his extraordinary life and who embodies that word, success, more than any other person I know.

He is a man who lived—and continues to live—an extraordinary life. Extraordinary, not because of his wealth, and his fame, and his wild success with women, but because of how he achieved these things. Or rather, how he achieved them in spite of the enormous obstacles and overwhelming odds stacked against him.

I refer to a man who started off with the humblest of beginnings—working in a Tootsie Roll factory at the age of 10—and who ended up dating some of the world's sexiest and most breathtakingly beautiful women, as well as owning some of the world's most glamorous and expensive homes.

This man, although shy, applied the same focus, tenacity, and basic principles to meeting and dating these sexy women as he applied to his business; creating and implementing a system and a philosophy that virtually guaranteed his success.

Though you may not know him by name, you’ll likely know his work—he created and produced such television shows and series as Star Search, Solid Gold, LifeStyles of the Rich & Famous, RunAway with the Rich & Famous, SuperModel of the World (with the Ford Modeling Agency), and Entertainment Tonight (“ET”).

I refer to a man, who, in spite of the 35-plus Emmy Awards his television series and movies of the week have won, the household names he’s discovered, the concept-driven shows he created that have launched entire networks, and in spite of a track record of success that has given him the unique distinction of being one of the few in television to never have a miss, continues to treat the guy on the street like the chairman of the board.

I speak of a man who is one hundred percent self-made and humble to the core. A man whose manners are impeccable. Whose personal style exudes class and elegance. And whose word is his bond. No contract needed. If he says it, you can bank on it. Passionate, dynamic, driven, and excited about his life, he is someone who believes you create your own opportunities.

“Life owes you nothing”, he would say.
“Don’t make excuses–make it happen!”
“Don’t rationalize. Take responsibility. Take action.”
“Make every day count. It’s a day that will never come again.”
“Do it! No, not tomorrow. Do it now!”

Not simply motivational thoughts or call to action concepts—
these words are a reflection of a man who single-handedly
took a “nobody” from “nowhere” and turned himself into a

The man is Al Masini, and this book is dedicated to him.