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Great Date Ideas

A Step-By-Step Guide For Executing A Great First Date


All 50 suggestions in this manual offer a roadmap for maximizing the opportunity to get to know your date and have fun while doing it. I have addressed every aspect of your date from planning, clothing, food and drink, to music and conversation starters and represented these by icons for ease of reference. All you have to do is consider your date's interest and choose where you're going to go on your first date. Do they hate being outdoors? Love red wine? If you can take one of these suggestions and personalize it to his/her tastes, you'll be that much ahead of the competition.


Icon Legend for your dates


Lastly, to assist you in selecting planning your special date(s), each idea has been rated in terms of cost, potential sizzle, and dress code, accordingly.

Rating system for your dates

While cost and potential sizzle are self-explanatory, I've included a brief description of each of the five dress code categories as "what to wear" often creates stress and confusion. Certain activities or settings call for particular clothing, so for maximum impact, it's important that both you and your partner select your attire accordingly. Remember, attend to the details and you'll create a first date experience that both you and your date will cherish. So what are you waiting for? Fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride.

Casual: For both men and women, casual refers to pretty much "anything goes" — clothing that is comfortable and appropriate to the setting and the occasion. For an afternoon picnic, a beach party or a backyard barbecue — shorts, a denim mini, or jeans, with a tank or t-shirt. (It's legal to wear a bathing suit underneath, too.)

NOTE: If you're invited to a "casual" afternoon wedding or a "casual" Sunday brunch at an upscale restaurant — think more along the lines of Resort Attire.

Daytime Resort: For men and women, it means pretty much the same thing — jeans, khakis and nice shorts are the norm, paired with a quality t-shirt, polo-style pullover, or button-down shirt. Ladies, a sundress and sandals is always a winner, too.

Evening Resort: For men, Khakis or nice slacks, button-up shirts and button down collars, and sport coat. You can leave the tie at home, but the jeans too — unless you pair them with a sport coat, nice shoes and matching belt. For women, skirts, pants, blouses and dresses —jeans will work, but only when paired with a blazer, an upscale blouse or shirt and a pair of high heels, and a matching bag.

Cocktail Attire: Guys, cocktail attire means suit and tie, or coat and tie. Ladies, wear a cocktail-length dress or a sexy evening pantsuit, combined with high heels and evening accessories.

Formal or Black Tie: For Men, while Semi-Formal isn't formal, and does not require a Tux, it does require a dark suit —choose from back, navy or dark gray. If an event is Formal, you wear a tux, but the black tie is an option —you are allowed to be little creative with the tie if the setting allows it. Black Tie events require men to wear a tuxedo or do not attend.

Ladies, semi-formal means a high-end cocktail-length or long dress. Formal and Black Tie mean basically the same thing for women —they require dressing for elegance and class —and preferably in long gowns, although an elegant and glamorous cocktail dress will usually work. All three occasions call for shoes, handbags and jewelry to accent.

Have someone take a few photos of yourself and your date when you're all dressed up. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words?