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Ideas For A Fun Date

Dance Class
Footloose — and Fancy Free

Sizzle factor 4 Cost factor 4 Dress factor 5


Setting the Stage:
Scent of a Woman, True Lies, Along Came Polly... The list is endless. Dance scenes in Hollywood films have stopped the whole movie in its tracks when the stars see each other across a room and set it afire with their dance moves. Do you fellows ever wish you could saunter confidently to a beautiful woman and lead her gracefully on the dance floor? I know you ladies dream of being literally swept off your feet by a fellow with all the right moves. Well, you can both learn how to tear up the dance floor and have a fun date doing it.

First, think about what style of dance makes your toes twinkle: a sexy Latin dance like the salsa, tango, rumba or samba, a classic ballroom dance like the fox trot or waltz, or perhaps country line dancing or swing? If it's Latin dance or country swing, your local Latin club or country bar often offer instructional nights. This is a fun way to go, because after an hour of instruction, you're dancing at a real club with the pros. Look them up in the phone book and inquire about lessons or instructional evenings

Barring this and for more personalized instruction, try a dance school like Arthur Murray or Fred Astaire dance studios. They are listed in the yellow pages under "Dance Instruction." For more resources, and the "dance" section of Yahoo directory are also chuck full of listings. Pretty soon you'll be dancing the night away and if this date swings, you'll have launched your first "couple hobby!" If you're on a budget, check out your local community center for extremely affordable classes.

Dress to Impress:

For Him
Look the part in classic black trousers in a wool or silk blend, a sexy loose fitting button-up shirt in linen, silk, or soft woven cotton and soft soled shoes with a leather upper. If you're going line dancing, a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, some cowboy boots and a cowboy hat should easily get you in the mood.

For her

This is where you break out that fabulous little dress you bought for some wedding and never get to wear — make sure it has a flared or slit skirt. Wear it with sexy earrings that won't get in the way. What's the most important thing? Shoes that set off a long leg, but that you can still dance in. A chunky heeled pump or a lace up wedge would be best. For the line dance, take your pick — jeans or a denim skirt with a button up shirt tied at the waist paired with cowboy hat and boots.

Devil's in the Details:

What to eat
You will find dancing works up a huge appetite. Latin dance clubs often have terrific food, otherwise, find a cute little romantic restaurant nearby (it's no fun to drive a half hour to dinner after you've had a great class. You'll want to fall into a corner booth right around the corner). Do your research in advance by locating the nearest best restaurants at

What to drink

At a Latin club, order a Cubre Libra or a Mojito. At a country bar, a longneck beer on your dance break will quench your thirst. If you're taking ballroom dance, elegant drinks at a hotel bar after your lesson will round out your evening with class. Order a Poinsettia or the classic Bellini. Toast each other's lithe grace on the dance floor!


Cubre Libra:
rum, coke and lime.

crushed ice, sugar, mint and rum.

champagne, a splash of cranberry and a splash of cherry juice.

champagne and peach juice.



The beat, baby. In the words of our favorite Latin songstress, "the music is gonna get you."
What to see The best couple on the floor... the best way to learn is by watching.

What to bring

A confident attitude.



What to say
Forced to take dance lessons as a kid? Silliest dance crazes? Favorite dance movies.
Shower her with gifts Presenting a nosegay (small bouquet) would be an ideally romantic way to start off the evening.

Sexify it

You don't need any help from us here. All dancing is sexy, however, the very sexiest thing you can do is look directly into your partner's eyes. Even if you are all left feet, looking right into each other's eyes will start the engines purring — I promise! And need I even say it? Don't miss any opportunity for some meaningful touches on the dance floor!