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Unique Date Ideas

Auction the Night Away
An art auction is a unique date idea for those who like the finer things.

Sizzle factor 4 Cost factor 2 Dress factor 2

Setting the Stage:
Did you know that art auctions even at the best houses like Sotheby's are open to the public? There's always standing room and a few empty seats left for those interested. If you want to actually bid, all you need to do is submit a credit report and you can have one of the best seats available. Clearly, taking your date to one of these prestigious events does not take nearly as much effort, money, or connections as they might suspect, but you should never let on to the contrary! Be evasive when they ask how you managed to get the two of you in. Old standbys, "Anything for you", "Oh, it was nothing."

Dress to Impress:

For Him If you want to blend in, you've got to wear black suit pants with a French blue button down, and black belt and shoes. Think, "I just got off of work at the stock exchange and didn't have time to change."

For her

I would choose separates like great pinstriped trousers, highheeled and close-toed shoes, and a merino cardigan. Put a pop of color into the outfit with a bold purse in red or emerald green.

Devil's in the Details:

What to eat If you don't want to go for dinner beforehand, at least plan for a decadent dessert after the auction. It's an inexpensive way to frequent your town's best restaurant and tantalize your date's taste buds (always a turn-on).

What to drink

Have your date meet you at your place before the big event for a cocktail. A dry martini will hit the spot. 


◊ 1 1/2 oz. gin
◊ 5 oz dry vermouth
Don't forget the olive for garnish.


Listen Why not make it a cultural evening by stopping at a nearby club for some live jazz after the auction.
What to see Pick a night and an auction house that is likely to show pieces that appeal to you and your partner. Most auctions have themes, portrait photography, California Impressionism, Cubism, etc.
What to bring A thoughtful gift to give your mate would be a beautiful coffee table book on the theme of the auction. You can even send it over a few days ahead of time with an inscription, "Something to view before the real thing."
Sexify it Call the restaurant ahead and have them prepare one of their more extravagant desserts for you. A glass of port for the two of you to share is cozy.



Bring the Kids?


Definitely not appropriate. 


Lean more about art auctions at


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What's the first thing you notice about a potential date? Respondents (62% male / 38% female) voted:

21%:Personality & sense of humor
20%:Style & dress
7%:Career & wealth
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