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Better Sex Tips for Women

Strategize Your Seduction

Go from whiner to winner!

This book will (hopefully) take you on a journey from whiner to winner and help you to think less like Princess Diana, and more like Camilla Parker Bowles , the woman who didn't look like a princess at first glance, but got the prince, hook line and sinker, at the end of the story. Diana was sweet and good , but hopelessly and helplessly sad in love. Camilla, however, used her skills to get her prince. She was not more beautiful than Diana , in fact she was way less so. She was not younger than Diana. She was older. But despite the supposed disadvantages of youth and beauty, Camilla had what it took to get what she wanted, and that is why she is a good example of what.

I want to impart to you, that you do not have to be the most beautiful woman in the room to get the man you want , or to get all the men in the room, for that matter. What you do have to be is wise.

Free your thinking from feminist fluff

Yes, we are living in modern times, and cyber dating is a virtual reality, but don't be fooled. Men seek in women the same thing that they did thousands of years ago -- their yearnings and desires have not changed. The thing that has changed is that the Feminist Movement has given us bad advice and told us what we supposedly want, and what men supposedly want. The media has augmented that bad advice, and many people have believed them. But I'm here to tell you, don't believe the Feminist hype, and ignore the media -- they're wrong.

Learn what men want

The truth is this, ladies: Men still want 'to see stars' when they fall in love; they want to feel 'butterflies in their stomachs,' they want fireworks exploding and they want to be 'carried away' by the most captivating, alluring, enchanting, mesmerizing, fascinating seductress ever -- a woman who completely bewitches. Men want to yearn. Desire is like a drug , in fact, it is a drug! But you can't buy it. Not even illegally! However, I will teach you to elicit it and use it to your advantage.

Learn how to seduce a man

Not since the courtesans of Europe and the geishas of Japan, has anyone specialized in men or been so valued for their powers of seduction of men. These women earned titles that didn't include Mrs., but did include Goddess and Seductress, because of their knowledge of the art of captivating men. Don't get me wrong. This is not about sluts and whores who are paid money for a night of pleasure. (It's not too hard to have sex with a man.) These were women with self esteem and rich lives, who made their livings and their lives by knowing and practicing enticement and seduction in long relationships with men, not by trapping them, but by enchanting them with a working arsenal of talents, skills and education that kept men wanting more.

Manslayers vary in the way they look, or in the way they dress, or even in the era they are born into, but their basic modus operandi remains (for the most part) the same. No, these are not women who feel they are nothing and no one, without a man -- are you kidding? These are women who love men, but don't need a man. And what a wonderful state for a woman to be in , wanting, but not needing. It is how you will make the wisest decisions in your life when it comes to relationships. You will not be left for another women, in fact, if anyone does the leaving, it will be you.